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Photo by Tania Reynolds


'A monkey in silk is a monkey no less'

Nihilist is one of the only clothing brands in the UK that uniquely brings stencil graffiti straight to your wardrobe. 

Philipp and Daniel established NIHILIST as an independent clothing brand in 2018 to critically react to a wasteful and unconscious society.

We started with original works by Philipp Walsch spray painted onto a Limited run of handmade T shirts.


Photo By Tanya Reyonlds


After these humble beginnings Nihilistbrand now prints original designs on 100% recycled cotton fabric in a sustainable partnership with Teemill.

In a world that needs to be listened to and is in dire need of fixing, a stencil can say more than a thousand words. 

We stand for ecological consciousness, equality for all, global unity, critical examination our failing society.

Photo By Tanya Reyonlds

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It all begins with a design that’s cooked up in the mind of our creator and designer Philipp W. Then the stencil is planned, hand cut and spray painted onto a canvas.

Finally the artwork gets scanned and printed straight onto our garments, keeping all those unique paint splatters in tact.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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We used to get all our clothes form charity shops in order reduce our carbon footprint, but sustainable clothing doesn’t always have to be second hand.

Thousands of items of clothing get thrown away each year and the fashion industry is a wasteful and destructive mess. By partnering up with ecological pioneer, Teemill for our new collection we now provide a product which is completely 100% recycled Fairtrade cotton clothing.


We at NIHILIST plant a tree for every Tee or product you buy from us! We believe this world can be a better place for all life. And giving back one by one is the start. Currently we plant our trees through Trees for Life a charity that is determined to rewild the Scottish highlands. 

End fast fashion! 

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